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90 Minuten: Places over Buildings

Vorträge & Lesungen

calendar_today 10.12.2019
access_time 18:00 Uhr

englischsprachiger Vortrag von Architekt und Stadtplaner Martin Laursen

ADEPTs architecture aim to create conceptual designs that give back to the context they are part of - with a goal to encourage synergy between buildings, landscapes and neighbourhoods and to create buildings that are firmly anchored in their surroundings. The office believe in ‘places over buildings’ and see the city as a whole, rather than as a series of unique built icons. As a result, ADEPTs buildings, urban plans and public spaces are more concerned with users, local context and interaction between architecture and people than with classical terms of aesthetics.

Der Vortrag ist der zweite Teil des Vortrags aus dem Sommer 2019 (“our common urban future“ vom 4. Juni), vom großen Fokus der Stadtplanung herangezoomt auf Bauten & Plätze.

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Jade Hochschule in Oldenburg

location_on Ofener Str. 16
26121 Oldenburg
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