Jan Bonny’s „We would be different“ (ger: Wir wären andere Menschen) is: sitting in the back seat of a car, to look over the actor’s shoulder in a café and listening to fragments of Chopin’s nocturne once in a while.

Driving instructor Rupert Seidlein (Matthias Brandt) was, as a teenager, forced to watch his parents get shot by two policemen. The officers afterwards were acquitted of the charge.

Kristina Wassiljew (24) studies in Oldenburg. (Foto: Filmfest Oldenburg)

As an adult, Rupert returns to his ancestral village with his wife Anja (Silke Bodenbender) to confront his childhood trauma.

We would be different doesn’t try to be perfect – neither with technological facilities nor with flawless characters. This movie stands on his own. It offers real people and real situations and encourages the audience in a decent way to understand them.

The one thing that is missing, is an understandable backstory. This takes some of the movie’s credibility in the first place. But, if you overlook this flaw, you’ll soon get to notice that the backstory’s plot is a means to an end – and interestingly, doesn’t harm the authenticity in the present.

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Ein Mann stellt sich seinem Kindheitstrauma
Rupert Seidlein (Matthias Brandt) and his wife Anja (Silke Bodenbender) (Foto: Filmfest Oldenburg)

This authenticity is due to the consistent good acting skills that prove the genuineness of the characters in an outstanding way. The flashbacks plus the background music appear to be inconsistent, confuse the viewer, demonstrate Rupert’s mental confusion fantastically.

A handheld camera that is positioned on eye level with the actors and scattered musical pieces signalize the movies technique.

The whole story takes place in a little village, an own microcosm with villagers who all are stuck in their painful memories, until Rupert starts to declare war on the past.

Jan Bonny enables the audience to be voyeuristic and to enjoy a light melancholy. People who decide to watch this movie, get to be confronted with an eternal question: What if?

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